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About Studio One Architecture

At Studio One, we believe people’s lives can be enriched through design and that architecture’s greatest impact is not on our surroundings, but within us. 


We know what it means to feel centered. And yet due to its ephemeral nature, this sense of balance can be difficult to achieve or maintain. As a result, we almost unconsciously long for a kind of sanctuary, a concordance or harmony of place, that’s in direct opposition to how many of us spend our time. We look for something that reflects not only who we are and how we want to live, but something that is fundamentally restorative. In short, we look to reinforce a true sense of connectedness, both physically, and emotionally.

At Studio One, we create spaces that rejuvenate. Places you long to stay in and don’t want to leave. How can we do this? By understanding your world, designing around the five senses, intentionally redirecting your focus on what matters to you, and framing aesthetics based on how it makes you feel, we create architecture that’s not only unique, but uniquely suited to you. 


We start with understanding your lifestyle and values to frame the direction and intent. We then seek out and uncover both latent challenges and opportunities through a careful reading of the landscape and collaborative dialogue with our clients to define both physical and ephemeral objectives. Overlaid onto that template is a multisensory approach. We see with more than our eyes. Aesthetics affects our emotions and developing rejuvenating spaces requires us to leverage materials, sequencing, adjacencies, light, scale, proportion, and nature in ways that subtly shift the mind into a more positive state. This principle is based on nudge theory and uses our inherent connection to the physical world around us to help modify our own well-being. By blending our physical space with nature and our ideals, we are able to attune atmosphere, creating synergies through our senses that both grounds and redirects us to a healthier environment: a state of calm awe. A Sanctuary.


Read What Clients Say

Patricia and Michael Schene

Denver, Colorado

Stephen's overall approach to the design involved carefully studying the space, listening intently to our needs and hopes for the space, visualizing and articulating the plan, and responding to our issues as well as the limitations and parameters for construction. He worked closely with our contractor even though they were in different cities. We were completely satisfied.

Nancy and Les Juneau

Atlanta, Georgia

When we got Studio One on board, what was nice was Stephen brought a really fresh new perspective to our ideas... We absolutely ended up with what we wanted... If you had never seen our house before you would never know we did an addition which I think is the best compliment to a design firm ... Stephen really helped us look at the big picture, not just what was going to happen today but five or ten years down the line with our property. It was a great, great hire in bringing him on board.

Dhari Rohrer
Atlanta, Georgia

We worked with Stephen on a full remodel of our entire home. It has been several years since the job has been complete and there isn't a day that goes by that we are not completely in awe of the job that Stephen did designing our home. It suits us perfectly. He took two very inexperienced people and listened to us and guided us in such a kind, intelligent and caring way and the end results are nothing short of perfection. His attention to detail, the importance he places on doing the job right and his knowledge on many subjects really helped to lead us to creating our dream home. I can not recommend him enough. The remodel included kitchen, master, a complete restructuring of our basement entry to a three story foyer that is stunning upon entry into the home, a music room, an office, laundry room, great room, fireplaces exterior and interior, and the exterior redesign. He was with us every step of the way with all of the decisions and the material types.

Expert Window & Door

Stephen creates wonderful designs with a high-degree of attention to detail. His homes are distinctive and unique. We have enjoyed working with him on several projects where he challenged us to meet his high expectations.

Jerry Federico

Choosing someone to design a 38 acre vineyard and winery was no easy task. However, we are extremely happy that we chose Stephen. He listened to our vision, did an incredible amount of background research, and was able to provide us with a design that easily exceeded our expectations. This included the layout of 38 acres, with a winery, bed-and-breakfast, tasting room, and event center, and a outdoor concert area, as well as anticipating picnic areas within the vineyard. This project will take years to complete, but we needed to start with a master plan that would allow us to add each element in the proper order while our business grows, as well as literally our grapes grow.


Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of incredibly qualified professionals, I can truly say that Stephen stands out among all of those individuals. If you have a project, and you looking for a professional that can deliver your vision while adding a level of creativity and understanding of your particular project Stephen is your person

Danny Thai

Stephen is a remarkable architect. He is profoundly creative in designing architectural layouts that exceed requirements and expectations. We've been working with Stephen on rebuilding our family home and it has been a tremendous pleasure working with him. We anticipate that Stephen will be our go to architect for any architectural needs in the future.


Stephen possesses a rare level of communication ability, capable of extracting our crude ideas and abstract notions, then transferring them onto paper with specificity, enabling us to further recognize what is possible and what we truly needed. Even after satisfying us with delivered layouts, he continues to go above and beyond to seek out ways that will enhance the design and revise it to better meet our needs and budget. Such commitment to superior services is what sets Stephen apart from his peers and competitors.


I highly suggest anyone with architectural needs, may it be residential or commercial, completely new construction, renovation, remodeling, or expansion, reach out to Stephen for consultation. I believe that his approach, commitment, and creativity will blow your mind!

Jim Albritton

I have worked with Stephen. He is a visionary, always a pleasure to work under his supervision, and a challenge to accomplish his vision, always turns out amazing!!!!

Bill Blass

We have been fortunate to provide windows and doors for several of Studio One's projects. Stephen always creates one of a kind looks in his projects. He has a great eye for detail in the built environment. I would recommend anyone considering building a modern project consider Studio One.

Alejandra Dunphy Studio

AD Studio has an extremely creative team of designers. They assisted with several new construction houses space planning, design and selections of all materials and fixtures.


Stephen is terrific!


He provided consultation for me on a piece of land I was considering for purchase and building a new home. He quickly understood where I was in my process, gathered all the information needed, and gave me an insightful and valuable assessment. Stephen was tenacious and able to uncover subtle but important challenges with the land that otherwise I would not have considered. He could have glossed over the issue he found, or not chased down the details about the septic system. But his diligence helped me make the best decision - in this case to not buy the land.


On top of that, he was a pleasure to work with, clearly treating me like a customer. He was intently focused on helping me. The guy radiates intelligence, competence and integrity, I would absolutely recommend Stephen.

Courtney Dufries

I purchased a large Brookhaven, GA lot next to my home and spent several years contemplating its highest and best use. Until I began working with Stephen Flanagan at Studio One Architecture, I failed to grasp its full potential. To be fair, most architects I interviewed had very good ideas, but they lacked the skills, the vision, or the demeanor necessary to ensure a successful and enjoyable project.


It was clear that a good architect could develop a nice set of house plans. But a great architect would listen carefully (and take notes); spend time exploring the property; carefully evaluate the market and your personal goals; evaluate the project costs and budget; establish sound relationships with your team (builder, realtor, etc.); establish realistic expectations; and of course create an awesome design.


A great architect has the skills and the experience to navigate government zoning and building code issues, of which there are many more than you might imagine. A great architect has an exceptional relationship with high quality engineering firms (structural, mechanical, electrical, etc) and can ensure fast turnaround on detailed plans for permitting and construction documents. A great architect can do more than draw boxes on a page; he or she will have exceptional skills covering land use planning, landscape architecture and interior design, building material costs and suppliers, and market trends.


Stephen Flanagan at Studio One Architecture is a great architect. Not only has his firm created an exceptional home design that outshines the conventional cookie-cutter homes on the market today, but he has been intimately involved in every detail of the project – from rezoning the property to interior design. I’ve been so impressed, I intend to use Studio One for my next two projects, too. I’m lucky to have this relationship and proud of their work.

Allen Lipis

1. Stephen is very respectful and cares about his clients

2. Completely designed our new home. Very creative, anxious to please the client and always full of alternative solutions.

3. Added many ideas we would never have thought of: location of garage, reduction of slope of driveway, stone home, creative HVAC, windows at roof line, design of great room, and construction of pergola. Full of ideas on almost any subject.

4. If you want an easy to work with architect, creative, dedicated and willing to work closely on every detail, Stephen Flanagan is your man.

Patricia Schene

Our contemporary home in the foothills west of Denver was custom-built for us. The kitchen was a bit small and there was a divider between kitchen and family room, further compacting the space.. Studio One designed the space differently by removing the divider; putting an island in center of kitchen for cooking and food preparation; and adding a curved ceiling of interesting wood design The length of the the island enhanced the sense of space, connecting the family room and kitchen for the first time.


The cabinetry chosen by Studio One is very warm, uncluttered, and of a warm wood tone. The hardware enhanced the contemporary design of the cabinets. Studio One recommended granite countertops which blended beautifully with the wood tones and the design.


We were delighted with the end product. It is amazing that this level of design change could transform the space, making it more functional and more beautiful --all without tearing down any of the walls.


We contracted our residential renovation project with Studio One Architecture, Inc. for consultation and design services for our backyard decks (2). We were interested in converting the downstairs deck into a screen porch and making the upstairs deck more spacious and open. We wanted the finished design to look like it had always been part of the house. Stephen Flanagan, Studio One Architect, did that and more. He had three different designs, all more aesthetically pleasing and distinctive than our original ideas. The designs were great and we've enjoyed our finished space/outdoor living so much more! First, we really clicked. We had a great relationship with Stephen; he really listened to us and made us a part of the process. He is extremely professional; design services were delivered per the terms of our contract (timely and within budget). His design fees were quite reasonable. We would highly recommend Studio One Architecture, Inc. design services to prospective clients. We were so happy that we asked for his advice and then used his design services.

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